Our meat
production process and facilities

Producing, processing and distributing an average of over 50 tons of meat and poultry products per week, we have thriving partnerships with some of the country’s biggest brands, from international supermarket chains to speciality food wholesalers. Minced, sliced and diced, our dedicated and professional team processes and distributes a range of fresh and frozen meat and poultry, always striving for the highest of standards. We have created long standing relationships with many of our suppliers, all of whom are BRC approved or the European equivalent. We work in conjunction with them, week in week out to ensure our customers consistently receive the best quality product possible.

Accredited, inspected and audited by some of the leading bodies in the food industry, traceability and absolute quality assurance are paramount to us. Our expertise and understanding of this complex area has been continuously refined since our inception nearly thirty years ago, now with decades of industry experience which we continue to build on. At our purpose built 5000 square foot, purpose built, centrally located production plant based in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, our operations system is designed to ensure that the cold chain is correctly maintained from manufacturer through to customer. Find out more about our production facility and our production practices below.

Our meat processing factory floor
and workflow

Our meat processing plant has been specifically designed and built to ensure that our products are consistently prepared to meet and exceed EU and UK legislative requirements. The layout, design, construction and size of our premises has been carefully tailored to provide suitable temperature controlled handling and storage conditions of sufficient capacity for maintaining meat and poultry at appropriate temperatures at all times. These conditions are carefully monitored and constantly recorded, from arriving at our premises to distribution and delivery.

The cold chain is maintained throughout the process via implementation of controlled and monitored procedures based on the HACCP principles. For full accountability and management, we control our distribution via our own fleet of Mercedes refrigerated trucks and RDS transport. These vehicles are fully tracked with precise temperature monitoring, ensuring that our products always arrive to the same high standards as they left our processing plant. View a floorplan of our processing plant below, with some of the key areas marked with markers.

Incoming Meat Bay

Carcass Chill



Clean Transfer Lobby

Production Room

Boning Room

Chill Store

Goods In and Out

Offices and Staff Room


Perimeter Fencing

  • Incoming Meat Bay

  • Carcass Chill

  • Freezer

  • Freezer

  • Clean Transfer Lobby

  • Production Room

  • Boning Room

  • Chill Store

  • Goods In and Out

  • Offices and Staff Room

  • Gate

  • Perimeter Fencing

Aside from our strict management of temperature, as a team we pride ourselves on our standards of hygiene. This standard is regularly verified by a stringent set of quality tests, undertaken by a recognised independent NAMAS accredited pathology company. Our food processing plant is fully approved to standards in this country, with a plant identification mark or approval number signifying that we are fully approved as a cutting plant. As part of this accreditation, we undergo an audit by the meat hygiene service to demonstrate conformance to UK and EU food safety legislation. We are also audited annually against BRC Global Standards for food standards by the independent body SAI Global. Compliance to the standard requires adoption of a fully implemented HACCP system, a documented quality management system, control of the factory environment, staff, operations and process. In addition we are certified under the voluntary beef labelling scheme.

team and processing

Our people are central to everything we do, from our manufacturing operations, to delivery, and our relationships with customers and suppliers. We believe that the network we have around us and the people we work with separates us from the rest. With an average staff turnover of less than two percent, we strive to be responsible employers who care for our staff, harnessing a culture of professionalism, accountability and working as one as part of a team.

For resilience and contingency, we are well prepared with fully serviced and ready to run backup machinery lines for each production process. Our site is temperature monitored throughout with continuous CCTV monitoring for quality assurance and accountability. We are fully audited by various trade bodies, and all products are metal detected before leaving our premises, continuously quality checked, and finally signed off by management prior to despatch to our customers.

  • Automated Mince Processing Machine
  • Automated Mince Packing Machine
  • Magurit Whole Block Dicer
  • Cintex Metal Detection
  • Turbo Vacuum Packer
  • Pallet Weighing System
  • Treif Dicer
  • Kolbe Bandsaws
  • Automatic Tray Washer
  • Grinder Conveyor System
  • Wyler Whole Block Mincer
  • Chilled and Frozen Storage
  • Computerised Accounts and Invoicing
  • Solutions for Management Reports
  • Comprehensive Stock Control
  • Key Personnel are Computer Literate
  • Communication by Email
  • Supplier Appraisals Maintained