New updated
branding and
our company fleet

Our brand and logo has recently been given an overhaul, bringing our visuals and marketing inline with our level of service and standards of meat and poultry we offer. We are very proud of our history, our new brand identity aligning with the ever-growing scale of our business and our long-standing reputation in the food industry for quality. This new logo combined with blue and red curve gives the company a unique brand identity, one that is instantly recognisable and professional. The colours, shapes and textures were specifically chosen to reflect the nature of our trade and our plans for continued growth in the sector.

This new branding now adorns the exterior of our fleet of Mercedes refrigerated trucks, making them instantly recognisable to suppliers and customers alike, whilst on the road and during deliveries nationwide. These vehicles are fully tracked with precise temperature monitoring, ensuring that our products arrive to the same high standards as they left our processing plant. Delivering in excess of ten tonnes of meat and poultry to customers every single day, we are fully accredited in meeting and delivering the technical standards required by our customers, always offering a true and uncompromised service at all times.

Our New Website

15 September 2020
We are proud to announce the launch of, and present to you, our new meat processing website. Designed to showcase our range of processed meats and further promote our company to new partners and suppliers in the food sector, this new site aligns with our core vision to expand into new markets, developing our busines...

Build a Partnership

05 August 2020
With an unrivalled distribution network and a growing portfolio of customers from national and international food brands, we are always looking for new partnerships and companies to do business with. Producing, processing and distributing an average of over 50 tons of meat and poultry products per week, we have thri...

The New Normal

03 June 2020
As a company, brand and a thriving business, we are continually implementing and adapting procedures, processes and operations to best protect our employees, partners and supply chain, as we all face the challenges imposed by the global pandemic, together. We continue to work at a normal capacity, closely following ...

Facility Expansion

10 June 2021
Here at Matthews Meats, we strive for continuous improvement in all areas of our business, whether that be maximising efficiency within our distribution network and supply chain, or further expansion to our facilities to better cater to the needs of our customers. Producing, processing and distributing an average of...